Facts and Support on Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)
Nombre de personnes atteintes d'hyperhidrose en France


Percentage of people with hyperhidrosis

72 %

Proportion of anxiety sufferers who think their anxiety is due to hyperhidrosis

Diagnostic médical de l'hyperhidrose

10 years

50% of hyperhidrosis sufferers wait 10 years before seeking medical attention

32 %

Percentage of people who have never tried a treatment for lack of money (in the U.S.)

Who founded this site?

Nelly Darbois, fondatrice de l'Observatoire de l'hyperhidrose

Hey there 🙂!

I’m Nelly, a french Physical Therapist, Scientific Writer & Hyperhidrosis Patient!

I created this site in French in 2012 to share the scientific information I found on hyperhidrosis with as many people as possible.

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