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founder of Hyperhidrosis"Observatory

I’m Nelly, a certified physical therapist (PT) and scientific writer (MSc).

I founded this website in 2012 in french. I myself suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). During my adolescence, I realized there was a significant lack of knowledge among doctors about this condition. At that time, there was very little high-quality information available about hyperhidrosis.

So, I decided to create this website to share the information I gathered on my own.

I live in the French Alps☀️🏔️, where I enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

What is my legitimacy to inform about hyperhidrosis?

I am not a doctor, let alone a dermatologist. I studied physiotherapy and then pursued a Master’s degree in health pedagogy and communication. This academic background, along with my professional experience as a physiotherapist and scientific writer, has allowed me to:

  • Find reliable information in international scientific literature.
  • Communicate to the general public about pathologies and treatments.
  • Understand that the same symptoms can be experienced very differently depending on lifestyle and the mindset of individuals.

That’s why I dedicate time, often entirely voluntarily, to better inform about hyperhidrosis. I manage this website and its associated social media.

Rather than keeping the results of the information searches I conduct on hyperhidrosis to myself, I prefer to share them with as many people as possible. The information available on hyperhidrosis and its treatments is fragmented. It is not uncommon to encounter healthcare professionals who are poorly informed. On the internet, many sites have more commercial value than scientific value and do not allow for an objective and comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Another goal I set with this site is to disseminate the methods of research and information analysis used to find reliable health information, to improve the knowledge and skills of citizens who wish to engage in this field.

💳 How do I finance this website?

I receive money through this site via:

  • Its affiliation with the Amazon Affiliate Program, for products for which expected results and possible side effects are indicated and sourced. This means I can earn a commission ranging from 1 to 12% if you purchase these products through the link. The products do not cost you more.
  • The advertising displayed on articles via AdSense.
  • The sale of my ebook Living with Hyperhidrosis.

I receive no subsidy from the French government or money from any company selling medical devices or medications for hyperhidrosis. If that were ever the case, I would mention it on this page and on each page mentioning the related devices.

Transparency is one of the values I hold dear!

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